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The white wine is mainly obtained from the fermentation of white grape musts, to a lesser extent there are also white made from red grape varieties called "Blanc de Noirs" in these cases there will normally be a discoloration of the must. The important stages in vinification of white include skid and treading the grapes after the harvest. The grapes will be pressed to obtain must and be able to carry out the fermentation. Although the most common whites wines are young and have not undergone aging, aging in oak barrels or tanks on the production of these wines is a common occurrence.

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The responsible for the yellowing color of white wine and also the yellow beads white grape, called flavanols are compounds found in the fruit skin. Depending on the type of grape used and the method of vinification, yellow tones will be more pale or more intense. While Sauvignon Blanc usually has a straw yellow color with green hues, the Chardonnay has lemon yellow hues with gold new trim. Another distinguishing factor in the hint of white wine will be the age of the product or the evolution of color suffer in time. For young fresh white wines will find yellow green colors or yellow straw. White structured and brief aging processes dominate lemon yellow tones or hues more golden. In white wines of more aging or significant evolution, it will be noted rust and gold tones presented with reflections of old copper or amber. A wine orange color indicate excessive oxidation of fermented and a consequent loss of brightness.


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