The best wines to accompany meats

wineFrom Grau Online your store of wines and spirits we want to discuss the most essential points to choose the best wine for a meal.

When choosing which wine is suitable to accompany each meal, the options are usually chosen for white wine for fish and seafood (although the sparkling wine here also plays its role) and red wine for meat (depending on the meat, one rosé). Keep reading

What are the oldest wines in the world?

wineThe wines are delight, culture and enjoyment because it explains stories that transpose us to times that today are just remember. That’s why, because we like the wine and the stories that hide behind it, from Grau Online, your online wine shop for a moment we want to leave aside our condition as a wine and liquor store to invite you to know the oldest wines from the world at our hand, from the hand of those who direct your favorite place on the net to buy drinks online. Keep reading

Why some wines improve with time and others do not

buy-wineWhen deciding to buy wine online, you should consider some factors such as ripening periods, as not all get better over the years. If white wine is chosen, should be consumed in a relatively short period of time, another issue is whether red wine is chosen, as in this case, there are wines that last longer and others lasting less and know them apart can make the difference between a pleasure or a nightmare. Keep reading

The best wine magazines on paper and on the Net

planeta-vinoSure, sometime during the last year, one has visited an online store wines.
Probably there are people who believe that buying wine online is better than doing it in the usual cellar. The offer is wider and one can find practically any reference, however distant their origin; or, often, prices are better and can be accessed directly and at the time of purchase, the ratings that the most reputable experts have done on a bottle in question. Keep reading