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Photo 30.70 Hugas de Batlle white wine
Wines D.O. Empordà

30.70 Hugas de Batlle

0,75 L. I Vintage: 2021
17, 22€
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Photo 30.70 Hugas de Batlle white wine
30.70 Hugas de Batlle
0, 75 L.
17, 22€
  • Vintage: 2021
  • Type: White Unfortified still wines
  • Capacity: 0, 75 L.
  • Alcohol content: 14, 0º
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Pale yellow, with greenish reflections


Of remarkable aromatic intensity, primary aromas, white fruits (peach, apple, pineapple), some sweeter sensation brought by the floral "Moscatell" grape (orange blossom, gessami, litxi, subtle notes of tropical fruit).


Well structured, long, very pleasant. Good union of the two varieties dry and fruity. This Garnacha Blanca and Moscatel de Alejandría union is very interesting. Wine of great freshness, intense and long in the mouth.

Soft dishes, vegan and vegetarian cuisine, salads with fresh fruits and nuts. Roasted vegetables, roasted with L 'Escala anchovies, typical Mediterranean rice (black rice, seafood, a banda), typical shrimp and cuttlefish fideuas, "arrossejats of fideus with prawn from Palamos".
Vineyards planted on the terrace from 2002 inside the municipality of Colera.
The dry stone terraces, the slates and slates of the ground as well as the climate marked by the Tramuntana are intrinsic characteristics of the town of Colera. The viticulture that the Hugas de Batlle family practices is respectful with the environment and also with traditions, the best way to perpetuate this impressive environment that the Greeks and Romans already knew and that surely lived its most splendid time shortly before the late phylloxera 19th century.

Estates of the Hugas de Batlle family:
- La Pineda: The family's lifelong estate, here the grandfather already had the vineyards. Located between the Port Bou road and the Cala Rovellada de Colera, with great influence from the Sea since it is only 150 meters from the beach. This is the farm where
The own winery will be built soon. Carried away by the north wind, in 2008 there are going to be planting 4,000 Syrah vines and 6,000 Garnachas Blancas that surround the winery.

- La Falguera: Finca purchased in 2004 with an already existing plantation of more than 80 years of 1000 strains of Cariñena and 2000 of Moscatel, the traditional Colera with a coarse grain, well golden and very sweet at full maturity. This was completed
vineyard planting in 2005 more than 2500 strains of Cariñena. Located in the silt of the Riera de Molinàs halfway to Colera

- Coma de Barco: Finca located between the Puig de Cebos and Colera, with a maximum altitude of 400 meters above sea level, a great influence of the Tramuntana and also of slate soil. At Coma de Barco there are 3 phases of planting feet
vineyard; the first of 2002 with 4500 Black Grenache and 6000 Sauvigno Cabernets, in 2005 with 2500 Merlot and in 2008 with 7000 more Merlot and 3000 Grenache. The most important pest of the farm in question is the wild boar.

- Coma Fredosa: This is the first farm that the family recovered, starting already in 2000 with the preparatory terraces and planting in 2002 the 1st great phase of 5500 feet of typical Garnachas Negros from Empordà and 14000 feet of
Cabernet Sauvignon, two varieties that form one of the most international coupages. From there comes the first "Coma Fredosa" range. With a slate floor with mineral inlays that give the wines a characteristic touch. the farm
It is located in the Cordillera de la Albera upon arrival at the Sea, on the Camino de'n Poca Sangre 3 km. from Colera.
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Wines D.O. Empordà
Wines whites designation of origin D.O. Empordà
The appellation of Origin Empordà is located on the northern-east of Catalonia. The territory is distributed in two regions and 55 villages. 35 belong to Alt Empordà and the remaining 20 belong to Baix Empodrà. The average annual production reaches the 65000 hectoliters of wine with a planted surface of around 2000 hectares. From its beginnings the denomination was called Empordà-Costa Brava, but in 2006 the indication Costa Brava was deleted.


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