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Portugal is the seventh in the planted surface ranking and the twelfth in wine production. The appellation system is the oldest known, located at the Douro zone. Apart from the famous fortified wines of Porto and Madeira, Portugal elaborates a great range of wines thanks to its topography. Even being a quite smaller territory, is a country of huge contrasts.

There are three different regions delimited by the rivers Douro (Duero) and Tejo (Tajo). Each region posses its own characteristics:

Northern region: Mountainous zone surrounded by the Douro river. In that zone we distinguish the Vinho Verde appellation, the most extensive in the country and renowned for the elaboration of young white freshly wines using the varieties Albariño and Loureiro. On the other hand the world-famous wines of Porto, produced with the red varieties Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz (Tempranillo) among others.

Central region: Land located between the longest rivers of the country and a great zone for the production of red wines. Famed for the wines of Dao, harvested in granite soils and a wine profile that stand out for its body and good expressivity. The region of Bairrada and its autochthonous variety Bada, the origin of fruity and well-structured wines.

South region: The distinctive zone of Setúbal, placed between the rivers Tajo and Sado, produce a prestigious sweet wine elaborated mainly with Moscatell and a subsequent ageing from five to twenty years in oak barrels. Occupying a third part of Portugal there is also the flat region of Alentejo and its fermented wines with Tina Roriz, Moreto and Trincadeira.

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