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Italy has always been one of the largest producers of wine, together with Spain and France, and the third in harvested surface. The country is divided in 20 regions and more than 200 official wine-growing regions. The more employed varieties are 100% autochthonous and are not harvested abroad. It is said that it was the first European nation where the vine stocks arrived.

Deep rooted culture of wine mainly because in each point of the country exists the wine-growing. The principal zones are:

Piamonte: Located on the northeast, covers a sixth part of the total planted zone. The most known regions are Barolo and Barbaresco where the red grape Nebbiolo is harvested. In the Asti region is produced one of the more recognized sparkling wines of the world, using the white variety Moscato.

Veneto: Zone with a huge wine production. The region of Valpolicella is famous for its “wine alcohol or dried wine” world wine known as “passito”, using the grapes Amarone and Recioto. The sparkling white wines using Prosecco are also produced in this zone.

Emilia-Romagna: Region located on the south of Veneto, famous for the production of the semi-sparling wine Lambrusco.

Toscana: Is the pioneer zone in innovation and oenological technology, situated on the surrounding zones of Florence. The most important appellation is Chianti, famous for their red wines elaborated with Sangiovese.

The island of Sicile and Sardegna: Lands of great wine tradition, preserve interesting and autochthonous grapes such as Nero d’Avola.

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