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Sparkling wines

Is a sparkling wine containing carbon dioxide (gas) Natural between 3 and 5 atmospheres of pressure. This product includes three main methods of processing. The most recognized of all is the traditional method or champenoise, characterized by performing a base wine a second fermentation in the bottle (you get gas and a little alcohol) and subsequent aging. Here we find the most famous sparkling wine in the world as Champagne or Cava. The Granvas method is distinguished by performing the second fermentation in large warehouse of a more industrial way. Finally in the transfer method will be the first fermentation in the bottle and the second in large warehouse. The grape varieties used to produce these wines can be white or black resulting sparkling wine where the wine base will be white, sparkling in which the base will be rosé and very specific cases sparkling where the base wine will be black.

More information about the wine

Wine sparkling elaborated with varieties of white grape or even red grape varieties that have undergone color extraction called Blanc de Noirs, exhibited a yellow colors, ranging from pale yellow in the simplest young wines, through straw yellow tones or lemon on quality sparkling wine like Cavas and Champagnes that have suffered some bottle aging, and could reach more sparkling golds in evolved due to a long period in the bottle. In time rosé sparkling steep red grapes with their own skins at the time of the base wine produced, will mark the color of the resulting wine. There will be pale pink with shades of pink salmon of many champagnes own Pinot Noir, or sparkling with pink hints redcurrant very representative of the Rosé Lambrusco. The usual black sparkling in Italy, presented the own hints of younger red wines, garnet red, cherry and carmine.


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