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Rías Baixas is one of the five wine-growing regions of Galicia, located mainly in the zone of Pontevedra. The appellation is divided in five sub-regions depending on the production: O Rosal, Val de Salnés, Soutomaior, Ribeira do Ulla, Condado do Tea. The planted surface of 4.000 hectares enables an average production of 23 millions of liters each year. The icon is the wine elaborated with the grape Albariño, aromatic and harmonious wines with remarkable acidity and moderated alcoholic graduation. Even the national consumption is high; the majority of the production is exported abroad, basically in countries such as US, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan.

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The climate is markedly Atlantic, manifested with a huge rainfall index and moderated temperatures. The sub-zones of the appellation will have similar geographic profiles that will qualify the wine personality. The vines are in lowlands, not upper the 300m and close to the Atlantic sea. The average rainfall is of 1600 liters, mostly on winter. Spring is short and rainy. The temperatures on summer use to be smooth and stable, and rain is infrequent. The allowed white varieties are Albariño, Loureira, Treixadura, Caiño Blanco, Torrontés and Godello. Regarding allowed red varieties are Caiño Tinto, Espadeiro, Loureira Tinta, Sousón, Mencía, Brancellao and Pedral. Despite of the elaboration of red and sparkling wines, the D.O. is worldwide known for the production of fresh, elegant and fragrant wines with fruity and floral nuances, soft in palate and medium-bodied. Other typologies are Rías Baixas Rosal and Rías Baixas Condado do Tea that incorporate the varieties Loureira and Treixadura to the winemaking procedure.



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