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Wide group of wines that includes all sweets, mistelas, rancid, mass and fortified wines such as Jerez. In developing these products varieties of white and red grapes are used, it may make a ripening of the grape and the wine often experience some form of aging. All these factors will be decisive when assessing the color of the resulting wine, and its particular characteristics in the method of preparation, will be covered within what is known as the special vinifications.

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Wines made from white grape varieties have yellowy color with compounds called flavanoles found in the skins of grapes. Wines produced with red wine varieties presented reddish color with a reagent called anthocyanins that are only found in the skins of red grapes. Processes such as fruit ripening produce an inevitable darkening of the color of grape and the resulting wine will present more brown tones. In stages of aging in oak barrels or glass containers where the sun and serene for rancid wines mature, controlled oxidation receive wine degrade more orange color hint. Some representative examples of these wines are:
Fine: Fortified wine of pale yellow color because is used the white variety called Palomino Fino, and also will undergo biological aging wine with no oxidation of color.
Muscatel: From pale lemon yellow hues of young muscatel as hues more golds or iodinated muscatel with oxidative aging processes in oak barrels.
Porto: A Ruby Oporto as it has no barrel aging present purple red color, instead a 20 years Tawny presented with orange reflections russet tones because of his long stay in barrels.
Pedro Ximénez: These wines may have deep brown or mahogany color because the grape undergoes a ripening for "basking" with the consequent darkening of the fruit, and then be aged for many years in oak barrels for the traditional system of hatcheries and vintage.


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