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The winegrowing zone of Rueda is located on the regions of Valladolid, Ávila and Segovia. This appellation was established on January 12 1980 and was the first authorized appellation in the Castilla y León zone. The planted are of 13.000 hectares produces 33 millions of liters of wine each year. Recently this region is trendy for its white wines using the autochthonous grape variety Verdejo.

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Although due to the situation it should have Mediterranean climate, the region lives under a continental climate. This is because of the average height of the vineyards, close to 750 meters, situated on the highlands formed by the depression of the Douro River. The average temperature is of 13°C with long and stringent winters. Summers are warm with pronounced thermal oscillations between the night and the day, fact that drives to a much equilibrated wine ripening. The rainfall will be low with an average of 450 liters. Soils are stony, easy-harvesting, good-draining and rich in calcium and magnesium. The soils are popularly known as “cascajosos”. The allowed wine varieties are Verdejo, Palomino Fino, White Sauvignon and Viura. Red wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Merlot and Red Garnacha. The referent is unquestionably the white Verdejo. Thanks to the nobility of the variety, is possible to elaborate young and fruity wines with an excellent acidity and also structured white wines aged in oak barrels. The production of red and rosé wines is pretty recent, in fact, the regulation regarding this wines was agreed in 2008, setting up the following classification: “joven”, “crianza”, “reserva”and “gran reserva”.



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