Photo Mirlo Blanco white wine
Wines D.O. Rueda

Mirlo Blanco

0,75 L. I Vintage: 2021
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Photo Mirlo Blanco white wine
Mirlo Blanco
0,75 L.
  • Vintage: 2021
  • Type: White Unfortified still wines
  • Capacity: 0,75 L.
  • Alcohol content: 13,5º
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Clean, clear and bright. Yellow with light golden highlights. Very nice to see.


On the nose it can be described as an off-road Verdejo, where interesting vegetal and citrus notes of the variety are mixed. The evolution in the glass is constant, since the bombardment of aromas that causes you are constant, where it ends with the hints of peach, grapes and herbs.


It has a creamy aftertaste on the palate due to its stay in French oak barrels, but at the same time it is presented with tropical touches, very good freshness and a savory touch. A majestic and versatile gastronomic wine.

Perfect with all kinds of lightly smoked and / or grilled fish. Ideal with cheeses and rice dishes.
The Blackbird is the white wine of Alegre Wines & Spirits, the new project of Toni Omedes Alegre, fourth generation of a family dedicated to wines and spirits. Pilar García, a prestigious winemaker with 15 years of experience in the production of wines in the Rueda area, is responsible for the elaboration of the White Mirlo, a project that gives free rein to the most personal creativity and all the ideas that his mind restless I needed to specify in the form of wine.

This is a Verdejo that, like Pilar's own family, talks about Rueda's history and its star variety. The vineyard from which the Blackbird comes from is located in La Seca and has strains between 50 and 70 years old planted in a glass. The vines are grouped in a historical framework known locally as tresbolillo, in which the plants are grouped five by five, forming a figure similar to that of the number itself on a given. The clay-loam soils appear covered with boulders and surface sands, given their proximity to the river. At 700 meters of altitude, the continental climate imposes its strong day-night contrasts and covers the grapes with all their character.

Half of the fermentation takes place in barrels of 300-500 liters and the other in stainless tanks, in which the wine rests with its fine lees until March, at which time both wines will join. The wood is used to round, to give mouth to the wine, not to disguise it of woody aromas. Thus, behind each bottle of White Blackbird, whose white and orange colors recall the colors of the fur and the beak of the bird, a wine appears that is not intended for the masses, but for those who truly enjoy the Verdejo variety.
Wines D.O. Rueda
Wines whites designation of origin D.O. Rueda
The winegrowing zone of Rueda is located on the regions of Valladolid, Ávila and Segovia. This appellation was established on January 12 1980 and was the first authorized appellation in the Castilla y León zone. The planted vineyard area covers approximately 19,000 hectares of vines and in 2021, 124.533.302 kg of grapes were harvested, 90% of which were white grapes. Currently, this region is fashionable for its white wines made from its native white grape variety, Verdejo.



Mirlo Blanco

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