Wine Rosé

The rose wine is a wine made from red grapes or the combination of red and white varieties, to which it takes a relatively short process of skins with the must , before pressing and subsequent fermentation maceration. The duration of maceration mark the character of the wine, from pale colors and soft fragrance, more intense hues and opulent scents. The traditional rosé is a young wine, it does not apply any aging, but we can now find rosé aged in oak barrels.

More information about the wine Rosé

The compounds responsible for providing these roses wine nuances are called anthocyanins and some reagents are placed in the skins of red grapes. The color of rosé wine will give us much information about the personality of the wine. There are two ways to develop rosé wines to differentiate into the pre-fermentation operations and mark the style of the resulting product. There are rosé wine produced by direct compression and to characterize in a very short maceration with the skins. Once de-stemmed grapes (separate the grain from scratch) and slightly depressed will be to the press.In the pressing step will go producing a maceration. This will be of short duration and as a result we obtain pale pink, salmon pink tones or onion skin shades. On the other hand we have the classic rosé by maceration. Once de-stemmed grapes are trodden and lead to a vessel where leave to marinate. The maceration time depends on the opinion of the wine expert and the variety of grape used, and will vary from a few hours to a day. The resulting colors of pink cover since currant raspberry pink as redcurrant pink and be vivid with bright tones. Like any wine, its color will evolve over time, will be capturing more orange tones due to oxidation of the wine.


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