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The denomination of origin Toro was founded on 1987, a wine-growing zone that is gaining prestige due to the quality of its wines, better and better every year and highly recognized in fairs and specialized contests. The region is irrigated by the Duero River, between the regions of Zamora and Valladolid, in the east and the west respectively. It comprises the more occidental part of the Castilla y León community. The vines reach a surface of 5.800 hectares with an annual wine production of barely 10 millions of liters.

More information about the designation of origin D.O. Toro

The climate is considered as continental with Atlantic influences, winters are cold and summers not especially hot. There is a high oscillation in the temperatures between the day and the night. The annual rainfall averages vary among 350 and 400 liters and the maximum altitude is of 750 meters. The soil composition is formed by sandstone sediments in an argilo-calcareous ground.

Only 4 varieties are allowed by the regulatory council. The most important and the region emblem is the red grape Tinta de Toro, which is not more than Tempranillo adapted at this zone. The other allowed grapes are Garnatxa Negra, Malvasia and Verdejo. The major part of the production corresponds to red wines aged in oak barrels. During the elaboration, the main variety Tinta de Toro only can be mixed with a maximum 25% of Garnatxa Negra. The resulting wines stand out for an intense bouquet and for their structure, tannic and opulence. White wines will be divided between single-varietals (Verdejo) and others elaborated with at least 85% of Malvasia and the rest of Verdejo. Concerning rosé wines, the minimum proportion of Tinta de Toro must be of 75% and the rest of Garnatxa Negra. It is also allowed the production of rose wines using only Garnatxa Negra.



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