Belondrade y Lurton

Vintage chart
White Unfortified still wines
0,75 L.
Alcohol content:
D.O. Rueda
Contains sulfites
Wines D.O. Rueda   (Spain - Castilla León)
Photo Belondrade y Lurton white wine

Belondrade y Lurton

2016 94
2015 95
2014 95
2013 94
2011 95
2016 93
2015 92
2014 92
2013 93

INFORMATION OF INTEREST Belondrade y Lurton 2017


Colour: Clean, clear and bright. Yellow color with golden reflections. Very pleasing to the eye.

Aroma: Verdejo of high aromatic power, it is frank and sincere on the nose. Where the primary aromas of the variety are perfectly linked with the tertiary ones of its aging in French oak barrels. Staying in barrels gives it a unique complexity; Memories of computed peach, lemon curd and a sensational fresh lactic sensation.

Taste: It is a wine to enjoy and taste every second that runs through your taste buds. Tasty, structured and perfectly balanced between the flavor of the fruit and the touch of oak very well integrated. It presents very good complexity in the glass, where some hints of candied fruit with vanilla lightning perfume manifest.


A prestigious wine deserves a high level gastronomy. Fish and seafood with very little culinary treatment, lobster, lobster, king crab with butter sauce, quality smoked meat and white meats.


Belondrade, S.L. It was founded in 1994, with the idea of ​​transferring Burgundian techniques to the Verdejo grape. Directed by Didier Belondrade, a Frenchman in love with Spain, interested in the native Verdejo grape and its intuitive aptitude for aging, in 1994 produced its first harvest of Belondrade and Lurton with a production of 10,000 bottles. Thirteen years later, the average production per harvest is 80,000 bottles. Since 2000 the winery, built by the French architect Vicent Dufos du Rau, has been located in the municipality of La Seca, dominating a vast Castilian landscape that highlights the modern and integrated architecture of the winery. Located on the Quinta San Diego farm, it is named after Didier's second son. There are three wines from the Belondrade winery, two of them are named after Didier's daughters (Clarisa and Apolonia).

Aged in French oak barrels for 10 months and at least 5 months in the bottle before going on the market.

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