Gosset Grand Millesime

White Sparkling
0,75 L.
Alcohol content:
A.O.C. Champagne
Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
Contains sulfites
Photo Gosset Grand Millesime sparkling wine

Gosset Grand Millesime



Colour: His colour is clear, luminous, crystalline pale gold spangled with flashes of green sparkle and amber glitter. The bubbles are masses of creamy, frothy sparkle and a constant stream of supremely fine, whirling bubbles. His flowing is also thin, steady and persistent.

Aroma: In nose is delicate, elegant and complex, harmonizing around a rich, fragrant quintet including a trio of fleshy, soft, deliciously scented fruit such as apricots, vine peaches and pears, and a duo of smooth, elegant fresh flower scents: jasmine and white lilac, instantly creating a subtly seductive setting. With some swirling, a smattering of clearly defined but evanescent citrus, honeyed notes reminiscent of freshly squeezed pink grapefruit and zest of candied citron fruit bring a hint of refreshment swathed in sweetness full of eastern promise. The whole bouquet is laced with delicious baking smells: sponge cake and fresh butter. Final aromas when the wine has warmed up a little, more of a leisurely finale rather than a sudden finish. This cuvee shows the elegance of a young champagne that is already showing its pedigree through luxuriant, deeply sensual spicy notes. Cinnamon, Tahitian vanilla, aniseed and sweet liquorice mingle and complement one other. The début of a sophisticate.

Taste: In mouth is full-bodied, this pleasant, finely honed champagne has liveliness and vinosity, its flavours reflect and confirm the bouquet. The judicious blend of grapes from different vineyards is an ode to perfection: pinot noir releases a rush of fruit flavour backed by a rounded, lush, velvety structure with attractive but discreet hints of sweet almond and wild sloes liqueurs. The second impression on the palate is even more revealing. Chardonnay tempers the fruity fleshiness contributing just the right amount of freshness and light characterised by the grand entrance of a quartet of cakey, spicy flavours: lemon buns and fruit cake, cinnamon and soft liquorice together with a hint of violet giving total taste bud seduction. The delicate sparkle is in perpetual motion, contributing a gentle softness and revealing the underlying fresh acidity which contributes to the wine's precise balance. The finish is enjoyable, long and pleasantly persistent, the champagne delivers its final notes through a medina of spice and dried fruit and Tahitian vanilla. The sweet, mellifluous flavours of preserved fruit and acacia honey are just beginning to show.


The epitome of complexity, aromatic richness, finesse, freshness and harmony, this "Grand Millésime 1999 Brut", with its aristocratic allure and unquestionable breeding is perfect with food and can be enjoyed throughout an entire meal. Ready for drinking, it is a marvellous match for modern, traditional or regional French or Asian cuisine. It complements almost any kind of dish, with the obvious exception of those with excessive acidity or bitterness. There are innumerable possibilities but why not try scallops roasted with preserved lemon and lime blossom or snails in choux pastry with parsley spiked cream, a carpaccio of red tuna with aubergine caviar or rolled fillets of baby turbot stuffed with soya beans and crab; pigeon stewed in juice fragranced with lemon leaves or a farm-raised veal chop with potato petals and light meat juices? For dessert try a semolina and almond pudding or crisp caramelized pear biscuits…There is just one thing to remember when deciding on a match: opt for a creative, well-balanced dish that will complement but not mask the flavour of the wine.


Talk of the maison Gosset, is talking about the history of Champagne, is translating into a wine all the magic of tradition that holds the oldest wine cellar of Champagne, created in 1584 in Ay, in the center of the region.
For over four centuries, the philosophy is to perpetuate an elaboration Gosset prohibiting malolactic fermentation to preserve the natural aroma and fruity wines. Is respect tradition and cottage industry, a wine key and appreciated in the courts of Francis I and Henry IV, before knowing the magic of bubbles.
Is know the maximum expression of a beloved homeland and explicit. And, above all, be seduced by the smoothness and creaminess that leaves the palate, through the indelible memory of its passage through the mouth.


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