Pas Curtei

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Red Unfortified still wines
0,75 L.
Alcohol content:
Alemany I Corrio
D.O. Penedès
Contains sulfites
Wines D.O. Penedès   (Spain - Catalonia)
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  • Guía Peñín 90/100
  • Parker score 91/100
90 91
Photo Pas Curtei red wine

Pas Curtei

2016 90
2015 90
2014 90
2012 91
2011 90
2016 91
2015 92
2014 92
2012 92
2011 90



Colour: Clean and bright. Garnet color with reddish reflections and very good layer intensity. Nice to see.

Aroma: In the nose, where in principle, certain reduction notes (completely normal when opening the bottle) are appreciated but soon they disappear in the air, and it should be noted that there are no defects, but one of their maximums virtues Where he leads us and leads us to a richness and development of spectacular aromas, giving way to a ripe black fruit perfume, very well fused with leather notes, coffee and chocolate, along with very subtle and balsamic sensations.

Taste: In the mouth, it presents kind, frank and sincere and where it is expressed with all naturalness, since, they manage to capture the essence of the varieties and the "terroir". It has a large structure that is accompanied by a lightly bitter texture of intense flavor and sweet tannins that are balanced with a wonderfully complete set. We have in our hands a wine with a bursting personality.


A perfect wine for our cuisine. Where he spoils perfectly with cannelloni, stewed beef, veal with mushrooms, wild boar civet. Dishes with a high gustative potency.


Pas Curtei impacts and surprises in many aspects. Surprising its quality and surprising its style, a wine rather than guard that contrasts with its price. Surprise your coupage, with 20% of Cariñena ... in the Penedes! Yes, from old strains that Irene's great-grandfather already cultivated. The intensity and density of its color are surprising, when we know that they make very short macerations; The secret, they tell us, lies in the care of the vineyard, controlling the yields through green vintages to ensure a perfect maturation of skins and seeds. Surprising their development: they use deposits of a smaller diameter than usual and fill the barrels weekly to keep the must and wine always in a reducing environment or, what is the same, to avoid contact with oxygen as much as possible; and they use Burgundy oak barrels, a wood that has less influence on the character of the wine. Irene and Laurent declare themselves disciples and admirers of the winemakers of Burgundy and everything they do is proof of this. For all this and more, the price of each bottle of Pas Curtei is surprising.

Pas Curtei is a unique wine in the Penedes. At least, it is today. In this area a great deal of work is being done in whites but in reds, today, the wines of Alemany i Corrió are different. The flagship wine of the winery is Sot Lefriec and Pas Curtei was conceived to be the wine of accessible profile of the winery, at a more affordable price. When they try it, they will agree with us that they only fully achieved one of the objectives, the price - something that honors them, of course, not the other way around - because although it is obvious that it is more accessible than Sot Lefriec, Pas Curtei has also a profile of great wine and deserves to be treated as such.

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