Albariño Terras Gauda Black Label

Vintage chart
White Unfortified still wines
0,75 L.
Alcohol content:
Bodegas Terras Gauda
D.O. Rías Baixas
, Caíño, Loureiro
Contains sulfites
Wines D.O. Rías Baixas   (Spain - Galicia)
Photo Albariño Terras Gauda Black Label white wine

Albariño Terras Gauda Black Label

INFORMATION OF INTEREST Albariño Terras Gauda Black Label 2018


Colour: Clean, clear and bright. Yellow color with golden reflections. Very nice to look at.

Aroma: First contact in the glass where it demonstrates an amazing aromatic power, and where the character of the fruit is more than enhanced. There are notes of stone fruit (peach, nectarine and apricot) that harmonize perfectly with subtle citrus notes of tangerine and lime skin, and where they manage to balance perfectly with the notes of aging, where toasted and soft smoked they will be the protagonists.

Taste: Mouth with structure and power. Unctuous and elegant on the palate, but where it is fresh it is characterized by excellent acidity. Long and very nice finish.


Seafood, tasty and fresh, barnacles, oysters, even sea urchins, fresh, pure product with high taste power, algae, scallops. Superb with rice with a lot of flavor (from bogav
ante, carabineros, prawns and "espardenya")

Service temperature from 10º to 12º C.


Terras Gauda is located in the extreme south-west of the province of Pontevedra, in the O Rosal area, bordering Portugal and very close to the mouth of the Miño river.

They make white wines from the Albariño, Loureiro and Caíño blanco varieties in Rías Baixas, one of the five designations of origin in Galicia, which currently has more than 200 wineries, of which Terras Gauda is number one in volume.

Terras Gauda was founded in 1989, and with the grape of the wine-growing partners in the area, they managed to produce 37,000 bottles in 1990, their first harvest. Over time, their own plantations were launched, always with the fixed idea of ​​safeguarding the identity of the O Rosal wine.
In 1993 the elaboration of the Terras Gauda Black Label begins, the first D.O. Rías Baixas barrel fermented and aged on its lees. They were looking for a wine that, in addition to showing the characteristics of its varieties, offered the subtle contributions of French oak.

Varieties: 70% Albariño, 20% Caiño and 10% Loureiro.
Vinification: Fermentation in new fudres and French oak barrels with one and two uses. After alcoholic and malalactic fermentation, a slow aging on lees begins with three weekly battonages. The wine remains in contact with the lees for 5 months in the barrels and 7 months in the casks to finish refining thanks to its cold rest in the tank.

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