Albariño Pazo San Mauro Magnum

Vintage chart
White Unfortified still wines
1,50 L.
Alcohol content:
Pazo De San Mauro
D.O. Rías Baixas
Contains sulfites
Wines D.O. Rías Baixas   (Spain - Galicia)
Photo Albariño Pazo San Mauro Magnum white wine

Albariño Pazo San Mauro Magnum

2017 90
2016 90
2015 91
2014 89
2016 90

INFORMATION OF INTEREST Albariño Pazo San Mauro Magnum 2018


Colour: Brilliantly straw yellow colour.

Aroma: An intense varietal personality: powerful citrus and floral aroma, besides aromas of white fresh fruit.

Taste: On the tongue, fresh, full and silky with a long and flavourful finish.


Ideal with typical seafood from the Galicia area, both seafood, molluscs, fresh from the Rías Baixas, grilled or baked fish, Japanese oriental cuisine ( tuna sushi, salmon ). Traditional foods such as the excellent Galician empanada with variants, cockles, etc. and the typical and splendid "Pulpo a Feira".


Located in Salvaterra do Miño, on the banks of the river, is the Pazo that presides over the farm and gives its name to the winery. In 2003, Bodegas y Viñedos del Marqués de Vargas acquired this historic estate of 30 hectares in Rías Baixas, in the chosen sub-denomination of Condado de Tea.
The Pazo de San Mauro, originally owned by the noble Spanish-Portuguese family of the Pereira de Castro, descendants of King Sancho I of Portugal, was built in 1591. The cultivation of the vineyard was always linked to its history, as evidenced by the remains of the old winery that can be seen in its construction, which attest that wine was already made in the 16th century.
Since its acquisition, large investments have been made in it, both in the restoration of its noble buildings and in the construction of a new winery equipped with the latest technology for optimal winemaking.

Harvest by hand, selection in vineyard of the grapes. The part of the grapes is destemmed and then macerated at a low temperature ( 11º C ) and the other part is vinified using whole bunches. Alcoholic fermentation in non-rusting tanks at 17º C. for 15 days. The average age of the vineyard 35 years ( Average between 25 and 40 years depending on the plot ).

Service temperature 10º C

Albariño Pazo San Mauro Magnum, white wine D.O. Rías Baixas, one of the more than 9000 products you can find in our online shop.


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