Gosset Grand Rose

Rosé Sparkling
0,75 L.
Alcohol content:
A.O.C. Champagne
Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
Photo Gosset Grand Rose sparkling wine

Gosset Grand Rose



Colour: A strong, bright and clear salmon-pink hue, embellished by flighty ruby-red reflections that sporadically revive and exalt the colour of this wine. His effervescence is generous, made up of fine, constant bubbles, that rises up victoriously. Blooming ribbon, majestic and lasting.

Aroma: The first impression in nose is reminiscences of fresh summer fruits, combining the aromas of wild red berries found in bramble hedges and undergrowth in an ordered unity: raspberries, wild strawberries and redcurrants, all ripe red to perfection, blend with the more insistent fragrances of sweet spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Once poured, the more distinct and persistent aromas of Viennese pastries are released: freshly-baked brioche, sweet buns and sandwich bread and the subtly milky fragrance of fresh butter and whipping cream which is purity itself. In his finish (bearing in mind that the wine has warmed a little) hints of wild roasted almonds and warmed mandarin peel. Taken as a whole, the predominant impression is that of depth, intensity and a harmonious blend

Taste: At the first taste is candid, generous and full-bodied. The rich, mellow and responsive mouth, lightly structured with exemplary length, immediately proclaims its vivacity, developing the aromatic farandole previously detected in the nose with even greater candour and with one noticeable difference: the invasion of red fruit jams (as opposed to freshly picked fruit) as blackcurrants and morello cherries. In his body, the mouthful is generous, opulent and ripe almost from the word go, naturally marrying roundness and concentration. Infinitely silky, its elegant perfume and velvet bubbles tantalize the taste buds and caress the palate. It has a remarkable finish, delicate and refined thanks to an effervescence which is quietly soothing whilst the wine develops its pleasurably persistent gingerbread aromas.


Saltwater fish, such as angler, sea bream, bass, red scorpion fish, red rock mullet or dory, garnished with rich spices, reduced or crushed olives or tomatoes and perhaps more elaborate sauces; -small game, such as cutlets, aiguillettes or roasted noisettes of pheasant, woodpigeon, partridge, teal, young rabbit or venison, etc. served with a spicy foie gras sauce; desserts made with berries, for example chaudfroid, clafoutis, red fruit jellies,zabaglione, fresh fruit salad with a light syrup or a fruit tart, delighting gourmets and gourmands alike.


Talk of the maison Gosset, is talking about the history of Champagne, is translating into a wine all the magic of tradition that holds the oldest wine cellar of Champagne, created in 1584 in Ay, in the center of the region.
For over four centuries, the philosophy is to perpetuate an elaboration Gosset prohibiting malolactic fermentation to preserve the natural aroma and fruity wines. Is respect tradition and cottage industry, a wine key and appreciated in the courts of Francis I and Henry IV, before knowing the magic of bubbles.
Is know the maximum expression of a beloved homeland and explicit. And, above all, be seduced by the smoothness and creaminess that leaves the palate, through the indelible memory of its passage through the mouth.


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   Sabor fantástico y muy sabroso.

GrauOnline Support Team

   Bona tarda Meritxell,
Lamentem que hagi rebut la comanda amb aquest sensible retard. L'expedició va sortir de les nostres instal·lacions el passat divendres (vostè va fer la comanda dijous) i la data prevista d'entrega era dilluns. Desafortunadament SEUR va tornar el paquet; la seva justificació és que ahir no van poder entregar-lo per falta de temps. L'entrega s'ha demorat una mica més de 48 hores, fet que lamentem.

Meritxell Muelas

   El producto no lo puedo valorar aún porque no lo he recibido. Hice la compra online porque ponía que en 24-48h lo recibiría. Ya han pasado las 48h y aún no he recibido nada... Por la web de SEUR tampoco es que pueda tener ninguna explicación...

Lo necesitaba urgente, así que ya está fuera de plazo... Y en definitiva, no me parece bien que paguemos un sobrecoste considerable para el transporte y que no recibamos las cosas en el tiempo comprometido por la empresa.

Siento decirlo, pero no estoy contenta con el servicio por el momento.

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