Marques de Griñon Syrah

Red Unfortified still wines
0,75 L.
Alcohol content:
Pagos De Familia Marques De Griñon
V.P. Dominio Valdepusa
Contains sulfites
Wines V.P. Dominio Valdepusa   (Spain - Castilla la Mancha and Madrid)
Photo Marques de Griñon Syrah red wine

Marques de Griñon Syrah

2014 92
2013 91
2011 90
2014 90
2013 91

INFORMATION OF INTEREST Marques de Griñon Syrah 2016


Colour: Clean and bright. Color cherry cherry with ruby reflections, shows a layer of high intensity. Very pleasing to the eye.

Aroma: In the nose, it is very aromatic and complex, with a high power of primary aromas of the same variety, express sensations of cherries and cassis, and they are combined with subtle notes of vegetable notes. A wine where fragrance and frankness seduce you in each movement of the glass.

Taste: Entry into the mouth, where it presents great liveliness and balance. It is a wine of extraordinary gustatory potency, which is balanced with a balance of sensational and mature tannins. Good acidity, fused with sensuality and seductive carnosidad. One of the best Syrah that Spain offers us.


Syrah, high-flavored taste grapes and very lively tannins, ideal for dishes that tastefully accompany them without shading. They can be roast beef or veal served with baked vegetables, red meats of any style that have previously been cooked on the grill and flavored with herbs and other spices, foods that include meat, pork , blood sausage, among others. Wonder house with goat's cheese, sheep (Roquefort) and other cow's strong flavors such as Gouda, Parmeggiano, Gorgonzola.


"Vino de Pagos" the family Marqués de Griñón that was born from the first Syrah vineyard planted in Spain during 1991-1992 to which the modern concept of "Canopy Management" was applied, which gives it a perfect maturation to its grapes and, therefore, an incredible silkiness of the tannins.

Wine with Denomination of Origin Pago Dominio de Valdepusa. It is the first Spanish payment recognized by its name as appellation of origin at European level based on the international prestige of its wines. A pioneer among Spanish Syrahs, this aging wine was designed to give pleasure through an innovative and sustainable viticulture, a careful vinification and its aging in new and semi-new French oak barrels.

Marques de Griñon Syrah, red wine V.P. Dominio Valdepusa, one of the more than 9000 products you can find in our online shop.


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