Gramona Vi de Glass Xarel·lo

Vintage chart
Generous Fortified wines
0,37 L.
Alcohol content:
Caves Gramona
D.O. Penedès
Contains sulfites
Wines D.O. Penedès   (Spain - Catalonia)
Photo Gramona Vi de Glass Xarel·lo fortified wine

Gramona Vi de Glass Xarel·lo

2016 89

INFORMATION OF INTEREST Gramona Vi de Glass Xarel·lo 2017


Colour: Clean, clear and bright. Straw color with greenish reflections. Very nice to see.

Aroma: Subtle at the beginning. With oxygenation it becomes more expressive. Floral notes, citrus notes - lime, grapefruit -, exotic fruits - ripe pineapple and mango -, table grapes, vine peach -, acacia honey.

Taste: It is a pleasant entry, with a creamy and glyceric mid palate, with an end of sustained acidity that adds vivacity and freshness.


Light desserts especially fruit. Its acidity allows for other gastronomic possibilities such as foies and cheeses of medium strength


Organic and biodynamic viticulture:

Based on the careful observation and treatment of the factors that influence our land and its habitat. We do not apply herbicides or chemical pesticides, we use natural resources with the main objective of maintaining the balance of the environment and we maintain spontaneous vegetal cover to obtain fluffy soil. Through biodynamics, a step beyond ecology, we live our vineyards and seek to increase their biodiversity levels: we apply infusions and decoctions of plants to avoid pests, and we make our own preparations and our own animal compound and vegetable from our vegetable garden Production: medicinal and from our farm of cows, sheep and horses.


Gramona Vi de Glass was born in 1997. Currently, after years of research, this wine is made with a new prototype and the support of two refrigerating chambers. We cool the grapes from + 25oC to +5oC to prepare them for subsequent freezing at -6oC or -8oC, depending on the sugar concentration and with the help of liquid nitrogen. This improves the freezing of the grapes, thus achieving more speed and homogeneity in the process. The must is still fermented in 300 liter barrels for 2 months. This fermentation takes longer than usual due to the high concentration of sugars. As a result, we get very concentrated, sweet and refreshing fruity wines at the same time.

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