Photo Dels Aspres Blanc white wine
Wines D.O. Empordà

Dels Aspres Blanc

0,75 L. I Vintage: 2022
19, 21€
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Photo Dels Aspres Blanc white wine
Dels Aspres Blanc
0, 75 L.
19, 21€
  • Vintage: 2022
  • Type: White Unfortified still wines
  • Capacity: 0, 75 L.
  • Alcohol content: 14, 5º
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2013 90

Clean, clear and bright. Intense yellow color with lemon reflections. Very nice to look at.


On the nose, it is presented with remarkable intensity and complexity. It is the symbiosis between the two aromatic families. Starting with the primary aromas where ripe fruit stands out (peach and baked apple). Then and with the corresponding aeration they are linked to the tertiary ones where it offers us the notes of smoked, nutmeg, toast and the lactic notes of pastry, where angel hair and hot butter emerge.


Very complex on the palate and with the same perceptions that were presented in the nose. Retronasal where the tertiaries take the reins, like the cooked apple, the toasted ones and the infused flowers. A wine with personality, tasty, persistent, long, structured and full-bodied.

It is an ideal wine with dishes with a high taste potential. It can hold and marry perfectly with stewed dishes, ideal with the traditional "sea and mountains" ( chicken with lobster, pork feet with shrimp, cuttlefish with meatballs, etc ...)
Also with the best "sauces" fish stews from the Costa Brava, or the rice from the Mediterranean, paellas ...

Service temperature from 10º to 12º C.
The winery "Vinyes dels Aspres" is located in the municipality of Cantallops, the northernmost village in the Alt Empordà, sheltered by the Albera massif, a territory of gentle undulations at the foot of Mediterranean Pyrenees. In this region, especially rugged and dry, is where the vineyards are, all family-owned for generations. There are about thirty hectares registered in the DO Empordà, with an average age of 30 years, the native varieties Grenache and Carignan and a little Picapoll, as well as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot.

The land has a granite and slate component, ancient and stony soils, very suitable for obtaining quality grapes. The winery is in Can Batlle, a manor house in the 17th century, where wine and oil have always been made, as well as corks. It is worth noting the flourishing period at the beginning of the 20th century, when the estate was run by a person of great personality, Narcisa Vicens, the "Grandmother". One of his daughters, Maria Sobrepera, married the famous musician and composer Eduard Toldrà, who summer after summer permeated Can Batlle with music and culture. There is currently a pneumatic press to produce the highest quality white wines, and twelve stainless steel vats for maceration and fermentation of red wines, all at a controlled temperature. The old winery is where the wine is aged in French oak barrels from Allier, and where it rests in its final evolution in the bottle.

After destemming and crushing the grapes and before pressing began, the first fraction of must (55%) was extracted and carefully placed in 36 Allier oak barrels and a 20 Hl oak vat. where it fermented for about 15 days.
This wine rested on its mothers for 5 months until the time of its bottling. Throughout this aging period, every 15 days a sticking is carried out consisting of mixing the wine with its barrels.
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Vi equilibrat ,gustos i elegant

Wines D.O. Empordà
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The appellation of Origin Empordà is located on the northern-east of Catalonia. The territory is distributed in two regions and 55 villages. 35 belong to Alt Empordà and the remaining 20 belong to Baix Empodrà. The average annual production reaches the 65000 hectoliters of wine with a planted surface of around 2000 hectares. From its beginnings the denomination was called Empordà-Costa Brava, but in 2006 the indication Costa Brava was deleted.


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Dels Aspres Blanc

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