Marqués de Riscal Blanco Organic

Vintage chart
White Unfortified still wines
0,75 L.
Alcohol content:
Marques De Riscal Rueda
D.O. Rueda
Contains sulfites
Wines D.O. Rueda   (Spain - Castilla León)
Ecologic Product
Photo Marqués de Riscal Blanco Organic white wine

Marqués de Riscal Blanco Organic

INFORMATION OF INTEREST Marqués de Riscal Blanco Organic 2018


Colour: Clean, clear and bright. Straw yellow color with greenish reflections. Very pleasing to the eye.

Aroma: On the nose, it presents a very marked varietal character, thus developing very good intensity. Expressive aniseed and fennel notes very representative of the Verdejo variety.

Taste: Very fresh entry into the mouth, with a marked citric tone that gives it a very good acidity structure and with very good persistence. All assembled with a minerality that clearly conveys and reflects Rueda's "terroir".


Wine that combines well with seafood, white meat and pasta dishes. Better serve it between 8º and 10º.


It is 100% of the Verdejo variety from our own farms in Rueda that we have been cultivating with organic farming techniques since 2010. They are vines that have an average age of between 25 and 30 years, planted in the typical nearby high gravel terraces. to the Douro river. Thanks to the low relative humidity of this continental climate and the sandy soils that drain the water very well, the pressure of cryptogamic diseases is very low and allows us to control pests in an easy way, using natural contact products such as sulfur in powder and copper sulfate. Sexual confusion techniques control insect pests such as the cluster moth, and avoid the use of insecticides. Weed control is carried out with different tillage techniques and without the use of herbicides that contaminate the soil, in this sense the biological richness of the soil microorganisms is maintained, incorporating exclusively natural organic matter from sheep manure. The wines ferment with the natural yeasts of the must and the only natural mineral clarifier used is bentonite, necessary for the protein stabilization of white wines. This type of wine, more delicate, has a faster evolution in the bottle and it is easy to perceive, with the passage of time, a certain evolution from the original greenish color to yellow and golden shades.

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