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Gosset Grande Reserve

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  • Type: White Sparkling
  • Capacity: 0,75 L.
  • Alcohol content: 12,0º


2021 92

It has a clear colour, radiant and glimmering golden yellow hue. His bubbles are very alert, elegant and distinguished, made up of a myriad of fine, light bubbles, rising victoriously to the top of one's glass. His ribbon is fine, gracious and lasting.


In nose is intense and complex, fresh and well-balanced, spontaneously offering a host of deliciously and surprisingly perfumed floral and plant based scents. A judicious combination of daffodils, hyacinths, with some pouring has reminiscent of a wild orchard where black cherries, bilberries and wild brambles with their authentic and juicy fragrances grow and ripen. A background note of grapes growing on a climbing vine can also be detected. Finish (bearing in mind that the wine has warmed a little): hints of sweet spices such as vanilla and cardamom married with notes of marzipan that rise timidly to the surface.


In a first taste is generous, full-bodied and concentrated, this already mature wine neatly invades the palate whilst preserving its fruity, smooth and balanced nature. Hints of figs, prunes and candied cherries give the wine a warm taste whilst the floral and plant-based notes detected in the nose fade discretely, adding even greater sweetness and sophistication.
His body has exceptional flavours of Melba toast, roasted almonds, praline and lightly roasted coffee very quickly give rise to a roasted aroma whereas a voluminous and round mouthful encourage us to enjoy "rolling" this wine on the tongue.
In finish is long, potent and irresistible with the arrival of transient, very fleeting confectionary aromas, such as chestnut puree and rice pudding with caramel, concluding with a remarkable crispness.

Free-range poultry, such as chicken, farm-reared guinea fowl, young duck from Nantes or Rouen reared in their own habitat or hay and cabbagefed rabbit, which may be braised, roasted or casseroled; white meat, such as a leg, loin, chop, fillet or upper leg of lamb or veal, roasted, grilled or casseroled, and perhaps served with a sauce.
Talk of the maison Gosset, is talking about the history of Champagne, is translating into a wine all the magic of tradition that holds the oldest wine cellar of Champagne, created in 1584 in Ay, in the center of the region.
For over four centuries, the philosophy is to perpetuate an elaboration Gosset prohibiting malolactic fermentation to preserve the natural aroma and fruity wines. Is respect tradition and cottage industry, a wine key and appreciated in the courts of Francis I and Henry IV, before knowing the magic of bubbles.
Is know the maximum expression of a beloved homeland and explicit. And, above all, be seduced by the smoothness and creaminess that leaves the palate, through the indelible memory of its passage through the mouth.
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User: Mj Date: 04/01/2018

No me gusto nada. Mucho carbonico y en paladar acido.

Wines whites designation of origin A.O.C. Champagne
strong>Champange is the most recognized among the sparkling wines and is elaborated in the “Champagne” region, on the northeast of France. A.O.C are the acronyms of “Apellation d’Origine Controlle”, that correspond to the Spanish regulation “Denominación de Origen Controlada Española”. Champagne is the further northern region on wine production with a surface of 33.500 hectares and an annual production of 260 millions of bottles.


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Gosset Grande Reserve

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