Gosset Celebris Rose

Rosé Sparkling
0,75 L.
Alcohol content:
A.O.C. Champagne
Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
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Photo Gosset Celebris Rose sparkling wine

Gosset Celebris Rose

INFORMATION OF INTEREST Gosset Celebris Rose 2003


Colour: It has a superb pale pink colour, delicate, luminous and limpid with a fleeting shimmer of copper dappling the sides of the glass. His bubbles an ever-renewed, ethereal, lively sparkle. A spectacular display with a cast of thousands of minuscule rushing bubbles, with an slender, constant and persistent streaming.

Aroma: The first impression is fresh, very pure and showing true breeding with delicate, appealing scents of freshly-picked red berry fruit such as wild strawberries, raspberries and wild blackberries engaging in merry communion with furtive floral fragrances like tea rose, iris and wallflowers. After some swirling, lovely but barely perceptible floral scents of purple lilac and wild violets and some grassy, herby aromas that combine the enticing smell of redcurrant bush and rhubarb with the highly distinctive scents of litchi. All these contribute their own individual notes to make a symphony of aromas. After swirling and when the wine has lost its first chill is more noticeable, mouth-watering fruity notes such as morello cherry and mandarin backed by soft, sensuous hints of spice like vanilla and white pepper that add to the wine’s voluptuousness. These aromas will attract attention from even the most blasé or jaded palates.

Taste: At first is warm and welcoming, elegant and fruity. The qualities of the wine are evident: vitality of structure and preciseness of bouquet, fine texture and harmonious balance. The champagne’s mature elegance and intense persistencu are heightened by a flurry of floral scents (iris and wild violets): a first hint of the enjoyment to come. It’s thirts-quenching, impertinent sparkle and full, voluptuous flavour generously trimmed with supple tannin, brimming with exceptionally rich fruit flavours: red berry coulis, rose petal jam, lightly roasted mandarin peel, liqueurs made from fruit kernels… all this fascinates, titillates and delights the taste buds. In the aftertaste is delicate, long and soothing edged with the freshness and deliciously lively character of spice: aniseed and sweet liquorice; a slight but persistent hint of vanilla. This champagne makes you want to come back for another glass…


CELEBRIS Rosé Extra-Brut Vintage 2003 is the ideal partner for any happy occasion to be shared. It will give much enjoyment with a few well-chosen dishes such as Scottish salmon steak with smoked salt, curds of goat cheese, freshly picked herbs and a saffron’s picked vinaigrette… or a tartare of rainbow trout with slivers of smoked trout… grilled sword fish and meat juices spiked with rosemary, aubergines stuffed with smoked salmon and parmesan, or tournedos of monkfish with stewed red peppers and a delicate artichoke cream,


Talk of the maison Gosset, is talking about the history of Champagne, is translating into a wine all the magic of tradition that holds the oldest wine cellar of Champagne, created in 1584 in Ay, in the center of the region.
For over four centuries, the philosophy is to perpetuate an elaboration Gosset prohibiting malolactic fermentation to preserve the natural aroma and fruity wines. Is respect tradition and cottage industry, a wine key and appreciated in the courts of Francis I and Henry IV, before knowing the magic of bubbles.
Is know the maximum expression of a beloved homeland and explicit. And, above all, be seduced by the smoothness and creaminess that leaves the palate, through the indelible memory of its passage through the mouth.

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