Codorniu 456 Ars Collecta Brut

2008, Excellent
Vintage chart
White Sparkling
0,75 L.
Alcohol content:
Caves Codorniu
D.O. Cava
Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Xarel·lo
Contains sulfites
Wines D.O. Cava   (Spain - Catalonia)
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  • Guía Peñín 97/100
  • Parker score 91/100
97 91
Photo Codorniu 456 Ars Collecta Brut sparkling wine

Codorniu 456 Ars Collecta Brut

2008 97
2007 92
2008 91
2007 90

INFORMATION OF INTEREST Codorniu 456 Ars Collecta Brut 2008


Colour: En boca el tacte és cremós per les bombolles
fines, alta densitat pel temps d'envelliment, bona definició, equilibri, vitalitat i
elegant complexitat.

Aroma: On the nose, there are notes of aging,
as brioche, bread dough and yeast, but without forgetting white flowers, almond and elderberry, fruits
ripe and fresh; an orchestra of sensations.

Taste: In the mouth the touch is creamy by the bubbles fine, high density due to aging time, good definition, balance, vitality and elegant complexity.


To accompany soft dishes, spicy or not, and based on fish or meat. Also married
with barbecues and smoked soft; the puff pastries and salty pasta are an excellent combination.
It is also a safe bet accompanied by international cuisine such as Japanese, Chinese .


It is a cava composed of three monovarietals from each of the three zones in the
which is usually worked: two continental and one Mediterranean: Chardonnay (Costers del
Segre), Pinot Noir (Conca de Barberà) and Xarel·lo (Penedès). To determine the optimal moment
of vintage the aging potential of the quality of the grape was evaluated. The harvest
was manual and nocturnal to take advantage of low temperatures and thus avoid oxidations of
the musts and macerations of these with the solid parts. The transport until the pressing is
made in boxes of 12 Kg and around 15ºC, it was refrigerated once in the cellar. Very soft pressing
with a yield of 50% (50 l / 100 kg); thus only the noblest portion is worked
of the must and that will help the future cava to maintain characteristics of vitality as
over the years of aging. The vinification of each varietal was done separately and the
Final mix was made just before bottling. The movement of the wines was done using the
gravity and avoiding to the maximum the use of mechanical systems; the fermentation was carried out in
small deposits at controlled temperature (17ºC). Limited units: 1,000 bottles.

Codorniu 456 Ars Collecta Brut, sparkling wine D.O. Cava, one of the more than 9000 products you can find in our online shop.


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