Anno Domini Le Argille Cabernet di Cabernet

Red Unfortified still wines
0,75 L.
Alcohol content:
Anno Domini Vineyards
I.G.T./D.O.C. Veneto
Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc
Contains sulfites
Photo Anno Domini Le Argille Cabernet di Cabernet red wine

Anno Domini Le Argille Cabernet di Cabernet

INFORMATION OF INTEREST Anno Domini Le Argille Cabernet di Cabernet 2017


Colour: Clean, clear and bright. Cherry color with garnet reflections, where it has an intensity of medium - high layer. Very nice to look at.

Aroma: On the nose you are welcomed by a warm feeling and where the complexity, is the hallmark of the brand. First contact where the aromas of candied red and black fruit appear; blueberries, blackberries, wild strawberries, plums and black cherries. In the glass minutes, the nuances of the same aging will be the protagonists, where touches of dark chocolate, tobacco leaf and small touches of green pepper will put an end.

Taste: Mouthwash with the same warmth as in the nose. Its maturity, complexity and elegance can only be the result of the blend of the cabernets, as its long aging in cement gives it the purest and most sincere extraction of the varieties. Present and well-structured tannins will lead you to a long, wide and persistent finish.


This is a wine of extraordinary stature. Therefore, being able to pair it with strong-tasting dishes, such as perhaps a wild boar civet, pork feet stewed with chickpeas, leg and tripe, and barbecues, will be ideal.


The selected healthy grapes are crushed and then placed in small tanks to ferment where we carry out the maceration, which allows maximum extraction of color and tannins, resulting in a harmonious, warm and persistent wine. The wine is then aged in cement tanks for 24 months, then our staff conducts a sensory test and decides when is the best time to bottle the wine. After bottling, the wine is aged for at least 6 months.

This great wine is the result of a wise blend of Cabernet grapes, obtained through the doubly reasoned maturation technique (DMR), which is applied directly in the vineyard. This technique consists of holding some branches before the grapes reach full maturity, so that the grapes begin to age even on the vine, resulting in a higher concentration of sugar that gives the wine more structure and strength.

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