Photo Vinegars El Majuelo Vinagre Jerez

El Majuelo Vinagre Jerez

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Photo Vinegars El Majuelo Vinagre Jerez
El Majuelo Vinagre Jerez
0, 50 L.
3, 39€
  • Type: Vinegars
  • Capacity: 0, 50 L.
  • Alcohol content: 7, 0º
The unmistakable aroma and flavour of Jerez Vinegar Majuelo stems from a rigorous selection of Sherries and ageing for years in American oak casks.

After a year in barrel, its clean, soft amber, green hues undetectable to the naked eye, reminiscent of sherry wine in oxidative ageing. If we don’t shake it has a reminiscent of dry wines of Jerez fruity, his aromas are toasted after his year in barrel. Moving is noted acetic acid as a solvent for flavourings and power, but being a young vinegar its hard to differentiate it. We can notice nuts also. Remember when a sherry starts to become amontillado. In the mouth, this vinegar is dry with light touches of timber that are not seen nose, fresh and soft in the aftertaste are the notes of nuts we’ve said at shake it.
Wines designation of origin D.O.P. Vinagre de Jerez
The secret of the unique character and extraordinary quality of Sherry Vinegar is its origin. Sherry Vinegar is born from Sherry Wines, noble wines par excellence, from which it inherits unsurpassed qualities and nuances. It is, therefore, the region known as "Marco de Jerez", where these unique wines are produced, the place of origin of Sherry Vinegar and the DOP Sherry Vinegar.



El Majuelo Vinagre Jerez

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