Photo Liqueur Anís Tenis Seco

Anís Tenis Seco

1,00 L. I
14, 33€
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Photo Liqueur Anís Tenis Seco
Anís Tenis Seco
1, 00 L.
14, 33€
  • Type: Liqueur
  • Capacity: 1, 00 L.
  • Alcohol content: 48, 0º

Crystal clear drink.


An intense anise aroma is perceived.


Pleasant flavor given its sweetness.

Thanks to the great perfection achieved in its preparation, we recommend it to drink it with water or alone. Tennis Aniseed by mixing a part of anise and water to taste is an aperitif and is a refreshing drink with a pleasant palate. Tennis Anise is perfect to drink in a glass or in a cold shot.
The Dry Tennis Anise alone, has a very pleasant flavor for the palate. In your aperitifs and after dinner, Anise is the most appetizing drink. The popular Paloma, aniseed with cold water, is a refreshing drink ideal for good weather. Without a doubt the drink of the Mediterranean. As a curiosity, it is the best-selling anise in the Valencian Community. It has loyal consumers and its peculiar characteristics avoid having to enter into a fray with drinks such as whiskey or vodka.

Three generations of businessmen endorse the trajectory of Limiñana y Botella, SL. founded in 1921, dedicated to the manufacture of Anises and Liquors. Tradition and technology have come together to consolidate an offer of quality products that reinforces the taste of the artisan, the traditional flavors that have accompanied the Tennis Distilleries products of its creation.

Since its inception, the company has become the leader in its sector, quickly consolidating the Anís Tenis brand.
Have you tasted this product?
User: Guerrero Date: 05/10/2022

Livraison assez rapide, très surpris et déçu de la forme des bouteilles (ronde avec étiquettes qui se décolle) qui ne sont du tout comme la photo et comme celle que j' achète habituellement.
j'espère simplement que le gout sera le même.

User: Lopez Date: 19/11/2021

Que je connais depuis ? Tout petit déjà, excellent produit dont je raffole.

User: cimoradsky Date: 06/04/2020

Je n'ai pas encore recu ma commande

User: Gallipato Date: 14/02/2018

Consommé depuis la fin des années soixante, a toujours été excellent jusqu'aux 4 dernières bouteilles (A-927088-I, A-927092-I, A-927093-I et A-927096-I) parfaitement insipides, même à forte dose. J'ai demandé des explications (changement de formule ?) aux distilleries Tenis d' Alicante dont j'attends une explication. Dans la qualité dernière le Tenis est à éviter absoluement... J.V. (Gallipato)



Anís Tenis Seco

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