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Citadelle Gin

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  • Type: Gin
  • Capacity: 1, 75 L.
  • Alcohol content: 44, 0º
Distillation in small copper pot stills produces a gin whose texture and wealth of aroma and flavor are unique. Slow distillation enables the distiller to precisely select the heart of the gin, eliminating the heads and tails. In addition, the Charentais pot still’s relatively low swan's neck shape favors the concentration of essential oils, which contribute to the gin's refinement and aromatic complexity. Citadelle is the only gin on the market today distilled according to this age-old method.Citadelle gin's unique distillation method produces a spirit with a fine structure that will withstand the judicious addition of juniper and other botanicals. The master distiller selects the botanicals that will complement the freshness of juniper with tart, floral and exotic flavors. A work of high craftsmanship, it allows the flavors and aromas to intermingle in perfect balance. A rich bouquet of aromas and flavors is the hallmark of an exceptional gin.
Although the Citadelle recipe is kept secret, the key ingredients include French juniper and violet root, coriander from Morocco, almond and bittersweet lemon rind from Spain, the peel from juicy Mexican oranges, angelica from North Germany, cardamom (the world's most expensive spice after saffron) from India, cassia bark from Indochina and cinnamon from Sri Lanka, the complex sweetness of Chinese licorice, the peppery flavor of grains of paradise from West Africa, cubeb pepper from Java, Dutch cumin, French savory and star anise, Indian nutmeg, Mediterranean fennel and Italian orris root, prized for its digestive properties and its ability to fix the complex tastes contained in the gin.



Citadelle Gin

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