GrauOnline is the online store with the largest selection of wines and liquors from around Europe. Our catalog includes all OD Spanish, a wide variety of wines from over 40 countries and a selection of the most prestigious spirits from around the world.

Whiskey, gin, vodka and rum prominently in our store, along with the best national and imported beers. – More than 9,000 references on the net and in your iphone.

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A Blog with character.

Web space dedicated to update all the news and events taking place around the vast universe of wine and Grau Vins i Licors.

The three co-authors of the blog are Sergi and Jordi Grau Jr and Edurad SolĂ , three people from different backgrounds with a common denominator: the world of wine and its distribution. Those three will be responsible for fleshing of this space.